Shopping for Credit Card Terminals

When you partner with 1st Advantage Merchant Service New Jersey for your credit card processing needs, we feel it is our obligation to advise you on the best credit card processing terminals. Our years of experience have taught us the strengths and value of credit card processor manufactures and their products and specifically what products will help reduce your processing burdens, are easy to use and will enabling you to concentrate on sales and increasing your revenue.

The Most Popular POS Terminal Manufactures Will Usually Be Your Best Choice

1st Advantage Merchant Service New Jersey offers the top POS Terminal produced by the top manufactures. When we offer these terminals we consider their reliability, over-all cost, and usability. Click to read more on each manufactures and our other recommendations.

Advice on Shopping for a Credit Card Terminal

We wanted share with you some of our experience should you decide to shop for a credit card terminal with a Merchant Account provider other then us.

  • Stick with the most popular terminals. Find a company who sells and supports the most popular POS Terminals
  • Be sure the product you are getting is suitable for your business. For more on this, visit our Merchant Accounts by industry section. We provide a clear explanation why certain credit card machines will out perform others on an industry by industry basis.
  • Never assume that low priced hardware comes with the best credit card processing because it usually doesn’t.
  • Other Merchant Account providers may out source their machines resulting in high percentage rates so they may supplement their commissions.
  • Always ask about the total startup cost, hardware pricing, software license fees.