1st Advantage Merchant Service New Jersey

About Us

1st Advantage Merchant Service New Jersey is a solutions based company focused on providing our clients with the most innovative, cutting edge and unique bankcard processing solutions. As an ISO for one of the largest credit card processor in the world, we can offer our clients the service, reliability, and pricing structure that would typically only be available to very large volume merchants.

Our Mission is simple:

  1. Provide the lowest merchant account rates available to our clients.
  2. Create a relationship with our clients to better understand and provide ongoing support.
  3. Provide our clients with an industry specific service agent that has the knowledge and resources to reduce expenses, while providing current information on services, products, and new technologies that will increase revenue.
  4. Our policy of full disclosure guarantees that you will never find a hidden or unexpected expense.

1st Advantage Merchant Service New Jersey is a registered ISO/MSP powered by Merchant Processors. Merchant Processors processes over fourteen billion transactions annually with more than $500 billion in annual bankcard volume. Financial institutions, retailers large and small, utilities and healthcare organizations rely on Merchant Processors, empowering them to building stronger, more profitable customer relationships with extraordinary service, personalization and security.

As commerce continues to transform, the importance of the power of an established, sought after processors is imperative. Our relationship with Merchant Processors extends top-level fraud protection and authentication solutions, check guarantee and verification services, Internet commerce and mobile solutions, the most current POS devices and more to our clients.

Because we have built our business on integrity, unparalleled service and cost effective products, our client retention is the highest in the industry. We pride ourselves in knowing that we will be the last processor that you will ever need.